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Common Roofing Problems During Summer

Summer is eagerly anticipated by many people. However, it can bring some challenges for roofs in South Carolina. Knowing what to expect allows you to take the necessary steps to protect your roof. Of course, you may not be able to prevent every problem. If you can identify issues promptly, you can contact a Grenville roofing company to have the problems addressed before they become too serious. Let’s look at some of the issues you could encounter.

Sun Damage

It’s not surprising that shingles age quickly in hot climates. Prolonged sun exposure can cause the roof to fade or deteriorate. Some of the adhesives holding the materials together can also melt when the sun starts to beat down. You can stave off some of the damage by having a protective coating applied to the roof. Sun damage won’t always be visible from the ground. If you can’t safely climb up on your roof, you should call a professional roofer and schedule an inspection.

Water Damage

Summer doesn’t only bring sun, it can also bring lots of rain. This makes waterproofing even more important. You should inspect your roof regularly or have it inspected to see if the shingles are cracked or certain spots are weakening. You should also head up to your attic to check the roof from the inside. If you notice signs of water damage, you need to have the issues fixed right away.

Moisture Damage

Excessive humidity can also harm your roof. If the roof is cooler than the air surrounding it, condensation will develop. This can cause leaks since the roof will weaken over time. To ensure that your roof can stand up to summer’s humidity, you should ask a roofing contractor in Greenville, SC to recommend some waterproofing solutions.

Storm Damage

The Atlantic Hurricane Season runs through the summer and you are no doubt aware of how much damage a hurricane or storm can cause. Fortunately, you can make preparations before a weather system passes. You should clear your gutters and downspouts and trim any branches that may be hanging over your home. After the storm passes, you’ll need to get a roof inspection and report any damage to your homeowner’s insurance company.

Moss Growth

If there’s moisture, you can expect lichen, moss, and algae to grow. Moss can lead to significant damage if it is allowed to spread. It is especially likely to grow on parts of your roof that are in the shade since they never get a chance to dry out.

Moss overgrowth can cause the wood in your roof to rot and the supporting structure of the roof can weaken. As soon as you start noticing small patches of moss, you should safely remove them. Choosing algae-resistant shingles, removing sources of shade, and installing a metal strip on the ridge can help prevent further moss growth.

Critter Infestation

You’ll also need to look out for some creatures who’ll want to share your home with you. In addition to the expected rats and mice, you may also have to deal with possums, bats, and squirrels. They will bite and scratch at the shingles eventually damaging the wood, insulation, and even electrical wires.

The best way to keep pests off your roof is to make it difficult for them to get up there. This means cutting away tree branches that hang over the roof and keeping your gutters clean. A long-term solution would be to invest in a tough and durable metal roof.

Why Choose Professionals to Get Your Roof in Shape

No one wants to be bothered by roofing problems during the summer. While you can’t prevent all types of damage, you can prepare your roof to handle the rain, sun, critters, and other threats. If your roof is in good condition, it’ll be better able to withstand whatever nature has to offer. It’s easy to ignore small roofing problems but these can quickly become complex and costly to deal with. 

That’s why ongoing professional maintenance is so important. Experienced roofers can often detect problems before homeowners do. If you get your roof inspected, you’ll know about water damage or cracked shingles before they start to cause problems.

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