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How To Choose The Perfect Roofing Company for Your Project

When your roof needs maintenance, repairs or replacement, you can’t trust just anyone to do the job. Even though it costs more to hire a licensed and insured contractor with several years of experience, it’s absolutely worth it. If you choose an inexperienced or poorly trained contractor to save money, you may actually end up spending more in the long run. There are several things you need to consider if you want to hire the right company. Let’s look at some of them.


Every roofing contractor in South Carolina needs to be licensed. These licenses indicate that they theoretically have the skills necessary to complete the project. Licenses are also necessary for companies to get insurance. When you hire a licensed and insured contractor, you can be almost certain you’ll get excellent workmanship. If a roofing company you’re considering can’t present its credentials, you should look elsewhere.

Positive Online Reviews

Check to see what people are saying about the contractors you may hire. Businesses that are confident about their work and respected by their clients will gladly make their reviews public. Look for feedback on social media, the company’s website and independent rating and review sites. You would do well to avoid roofing businesses that have either poor reviews or few recent reviews or testimonials.

No Pressure

It can be difficult to make decisions regarding work on your roof. You may not be sure whether to get another round of repairs or replace your roof entirely. If you’ve decided to get a new roof, you may not be certain about the materials you want to get. A Greenville roofing company should never pressure you to make a decision or undertake an expensive project.

Rather, they should provide you will all the information you need to make a sound choice. They should inform you about all the options available to you, explain the pros and cons, and provide you with an estimate. If you feel pressured by a roofing professional, you should perhaps consider someone else.

Sound Insurance Claim Practices

Some insurance companies reel in customers on the basis that they can take care of insurance claims on behalf of homeowners. They may even claim they can ensure you won’t have to pay a deductible. This may seem helpful but it’s unlikely that any roofing company can work miracles with insurance companies. If they can, their actions are likely to violate state or federal laws.

Insurance claims are a pain. However, the most a law-abiding, ethical roofing company can do is talk to the insurance adjuster and guide you through the claim process. Be sure to hire a roofing company that will assist you with preparing a successful claim without professing to handle the claim on your behalf.

A Comprehensive Warranty

Roof repairs and replacements should last a long time if they’re done properly. Therefore, an excellent roofing contractor should be able to offer you an extended warranty. A lifetime warranty may even be appropriate in some cases. If a company is only prepared to offer a short-term warranty, you should think twice. It may be because they have had to do similar jobs more than once because they didn’t get it right the first time. You need a Greenville roofing contractor who is confident about their work.

Steps to Take Before Hiring a Contractor

If you’re not sure where to begin looking for a roofing company, you should talk to homeowners in your community. Find out if they would recommend the firm that worked on their roof. It’s best to compile a shortlist of contractors and then decide on the best one for your project. Don’t be afraid to ask all the questions you have. Ensure that the contractor is trained in working on the type of roof you have. You should also ask the roofing company to put you in contact with some of their previous clients. Talk to them and find out whether they were truly satisfied with the roofer’s work.

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