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How to Choose the Right Color for Your Roof

Whether you’re building a new home or simply doing renovations, installing a new roof can be exciting. Not only will you have the assurance that your home is protected, but you get to change its look considerably. Today, there are several colors and styles of roofing materials available to homeowners. In fact, you may get overwhelmed when you consider all the options. 

However, there’s a lot that goes into choosing a roof color, and not every color you like will be appropriate for your home. An experienced roofing contractor in Greenville, SC can help you to make the right decision. In the meantime, we’ll share some of the factors which you need to take into consideration. 

The Color of Your Home’s Brickwork

Brick homes can last for centuries. That’s great if you want your house to be durable. However, you’re pretty much stuck with the color. While you can change or paint your shutters and doors, you can’t change the brickwork. You, therefore, need to think about the bricks first when you choose the color of your roof. If you have a traditional red brick home, a gray, black, or dark brown roof will probably look best. If your house is made from multi-colored bricks, a complementary color will create a cohesive look.

The Color of the Siding 

You’ll want to create some contrast between your siding and your roof. However, you don’t want your home to look disjointed. Red, light blue, white or beige siding looks great with dark roofs. If your siding is darker, dark roofing may not pack much of a punch. Opt for white or other light colors.

The Color of Your Shutters

If you’ve settled on the color of your shutters, you should consider getting a complimentary roof. If the shutters and the siding are in contrasting colors, matching the roof to the siding can pull the entire aesthetic together. If you opt for a multi-colored roof, one of the shades should match the shutters. If you have bold shutters, this can be a particularly attractive look.

A red roof on a home.

Your Home’s Architectural Style

If you have a classic home, a classic color scheme will be most pleasing to the eye. Furthermore, if the house has historical value, you’ll likely want to stick with tradition. Natural slate looks great on Victorian and colonial homes while red complements stucco. If you have a rustic home, weathered greens, browns, and greys will keep the woody feel going.

Your Favorite Decorative Features

If you want to highlight your porch, bay windows, or other exterior features, make sure your roof color is complementary rather than matching. You want your favorite elements to stand out, not recede into the background. If your stone walls are what you want to highlight, make sure your roof is plain rather than patterned. A dark, neutral color will keep the focus on the natural stone.

The Effects of the Sun

In the south, we tend to get a reddish glow off the sun. Also, summer can make roof colors seem more intense while winter can make them look washed out. You may want to think about this when you choose your colors. It may be helpful to get samples of the materials and colors you’re thinking of using and hold them up next to your home at different times of the day.

The Need for Energy Efficiency

Some colors help to insulate your home so you can spend less on energy. Light colors reflect heat while dark colors absorb it. Your roofing materials will play a role in your energy usage. Metal roofs reflect heat while asphalt shingles tend to absorb it. However, a black roof will likely retain more heat than a white one. 

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Your roof is a major component of your home. After you get it installed, it will be quite costly to make changes so you need to be sure about what you want. It’s best to take your time and seek help from a Greenville roofing company before you decide what color your roof will be.  If you’re not quite sure what would be best for your home, contact the experts at Greenville Roofing to discuss your project. 

We’ve been serving local homeowners for several years and we know what’s suitable for our communities. We’ll help you decide on the best roofing style, material, and color while taking your needs and budget into consideration. Contact us today to schedule an inspection or ask questions about the services we offer.

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