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New Roof Installation: What Type of Roof?

When it’s time to install a new roof or replace an old one, many homeowners focus on aesthetics. Of course, you want your home to look beautiful. However, you need to consider multiple factors including the type of material you’ll use, how much it weighs, how much it will cost, and what’s involved in the installation process. You’ll need to discuss the specifics with your Greenville roofing contractor but this blog post will highlight the most important factors.

Roofing Materials from Which You Can Choose

There are several roofing materials on the market but not every material is appropriate for every roof. For example, depending on the structure of the building, it may not be able to support the weight of a tile or slate roof. The pitch of the roof can also have an impact on the types of materials you can install. Here are some of the most common materials today.


Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material because they’re relatively affordable and easy to install. The standard shingles last for 15 years and up while the thicker, laminated shingles have a lifespan of about 25 years or more. You can expect the most durable shingles to be the most costly.


Wooden shingles are not as popular as they used to be but they’re still an option. Roofers typically use cedar since this is the most fire-resistant and long-lasting. However, redwood and southern pine can also be used. A roof constructed from wooden shingles will last about 25 years but it will cost around twice as much as an asphalt roof.


Meanwhile, if you install a slate roof, you’ll probably never have to replace it in your lifetime. Slate can easily last for a hundred years, at which point it can be recycled and reinstalled for another century. Naturally, this extraordinary durability comes at a cost and your home must be able to withstand the weight.


Tile roofs can also last for a century but equally, they are heavy and expensive. Clay and concrete tile roofs often withstand fire, hail, and high winds, and they will never decay or get destroyed by pests. That being said, you need to ensure you hire an experienced Greenville roofing contractor since tiles must be installed in a specific way.


Another durable option is metal such as lead, steel, copper, copper and asphalt, or aluminum. Depending on the material you choose, your roof can last for 40 to 70 years. Metal roofs are environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient, and impact-resistant. However, it’s important to note that these roofs are costly and the noise created by hail or rainstorms can be bothersome to some people.

Other Things to Consider When Getting a New Roof

While your roofing material is of the utmost importance, there are other things that you should think about before making a decision. For example, do you plan to install solar panels? These have become more and more popular and many homeowners choose to make this investment. However, not every roof can handle them and they may void the warranty that comes with some roofing materials. If you think you may want to get solar panels at some point, you need to mention this to your roofing contractor.

You should also think about whether you plan to spend a lifetime in your home or if you’ll want to sell. Why? If you get one of the more expensive roofing materials, you won’t reap the benefits when you sell quickly. Ideally, you should only install a tile or slate roof if you know you’ll be in the home long enough to get a return on your investment.

In addition, if you’re replacing an old roof, now may be a good time to get some additional upgrades. You may want to improve ventilation, install flashing around the eaves or get new gutters. These improvements will help to ensure that your new roof lasts a long time.

Contact Greenville Roofing to Discuss Your Roof Installation or Replacement

Whether you’re building a new home or replacing an existing roof, you need to consult a roofing contractor in Greenville, SC. It can be very difficult to decide the type of roof you need but the experts at Greenville Roofing will help you. We’ll inspect your home and get to know you and your needs. Tell us about the factors which are most important to you such as affordability or energy efficiency and we’ll guide you accordingly. All you need to do is contact us to get started.

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