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Plan Your Roof Repairs for Fall

Is there ever a good time to get your roof repaired? Well, yes and no. Nobody ever wants to get repairs done to their roof. It’s expensive and time-consuming. We understand that. If you do need roofing repairs, however, roof repairs in fall are the best time to get them done.

Nobody wants to think about summer ending. We enjoy the lazy days on the beach and going on family vacations. But the fact is, summer’s only three months long. Before you know it, there will be leaves on the ground and pumpkins on your porch.

If you discover that you need to get repairs done to your roof, fall is actually the best time of year to get them done. Now, we’re not saying to avoid getting emergency repairs done now. If you have a major repair that is urgent, get it done now. Don’t put it off until October or November.

However, if you just need some minor repairs done or are thinking of making some cosmetic changes, there’s no better time to do it than autumn. Your roofing professional in Greenville, South Carolina will be there to fix whatever needs fixing.

End of Summer Storms

Summer can bring with it some nasty storms. No, you won’t be dealing with snow and ice. But you will have to contend with some heavy rainstorms. A lot of these storms can cause major damage to your roof. Over time, this damage can cause leaks and other problems.

If you wait until the end of summer, you won’t have to deal with delays caused by rain. It’s also much better for roofers to work during the cool, dry weather. When they’re up on a hot roof in the middle of summer, it’s uncomfortable and it can take longer to do their work.

The Best Temperature for Roofing Work is 50 Degrees

Believe it or not, the best temperatures to get roofing work done is about 45-50 degrees. Sealants work much better in moderate temperatures. In the summer, they don’t adhere as well. This means you could end up with leaks if the perimeters aren’t sealed properly.

If you wait for fall, the materials will adhere better. This is especially true for asphalt shingles. It’s also more comfortable for the workers. They won’t be dealing with temperatures in the 90s, sweating and trying to stay hydrated.

Once it Gets Cold, Materials are Harder to Work With

Just as with any other job, the colder it gets, the harder it can be to work with tools and materials. This is definitely true for roof repairs. If you wait too long, the temperatures will start to drop. Not only will your workers be cold and frigid, but the materials won’t be at their best.

Roofing materials can get brittle when it gets too cold outside. Roofers aren’t able to use their roofing guns as easily in the winter as they can in the fall. You also don’t want any of your roof to be exposed in the winter months. This can cause your house to be drafty and your energy bills to go way up.

Sealing is Ideal in the Fall

No matter what kinds of repairs you’re having done, chances are, it’ll require that a sealant be used. You don’t want to risk them not binding if the weather is too cold or too hot. You’ll also want the work done before winter starts so you’ll be perfectly insulated.

If you have cold spots, you’ll be able to identify them before winter starts. This way, if for some reason a shingle didn’t adhere, the roofers can fix it before it gets too cold to work on an icy, frigid roof.

It’s More Comfortable for the Workers

Roofers do work year-round. However, working in extremely cold or extremely hot weather is downright uncomfortable. Yes, you are paying to get the work done. But, do you really want the roofers to be out in the elements if they don’t have to be?

The fall weather is ideal for outside workers. It’s not hot so their tools aren’t slipping out of their hands. It’s not so cold that their hands freeze halfway through the day. It’s so much more comfortable for them to work during the seasonal temperatures of fall. And, the more comfortable they are, the fast they’ll get the work done!

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