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Skylight: Things to Know Before Installing A Skylight

Do you have spots in your home that could use some additional light? Then consider installing a skylight. Skylights or rooflights are a great way to infuse natural light into dark areas, making them a valuable addition to any home. 

A skylight is a special opening created on the roof of a building and covered with a transparent or translucent material that allows natural light to enter the house. There are various types of skylights depending on the material, room type, and type of use. 

Create a luxurious impression in your home using a skylight. These fixtures have many pros and cons but are a worthy investment. Although skylight installation may appear to be a straightforward project, a skilled roofing contractor near you is essential to get the job done right.

Read on to learn some crucial factors to consider before you install a skylight. 

Choose the Correct Placement

When deciding where to install a skylight, it’s essential to consider how it fits in with the overall design of the house and where you’ll get the most use out of the natural light it allows to pass through. 

The amount of sunlight that enters a home depends on the skylight’s angle or slope. For instance, a low pitch delivers more solar heat during summer and inadequate heat in the winter. Consider setting the slope about 10 degrees or above the home’s geographical latitude. 

Your house’s beams also play a significant role in determining skylight placement. If you want to install a skylight in the best possible spot, a seasoned roofer can help you pick the correct location. 

Focus on Quality

A skylight installation is a significant undertaking, so it’s essential to think it through carefully to avoid regret.

When installing a skylight, it is crucial to consider wind and load resistance, energy efficiency, sound reduction, and water tightness. Also, explore solutions, such as ventilation, shading, and UV coating. 

Multiple companies manufacture quality products constructed from durable materials. 

Roof Structural Integrity

Consider how a skylight will affect the structural integrity of your roof before you get one installed. If you want to put in a skylight, you should check to see if the roof can withstand leaks.

It is essential to remember that some skylights are prone to leaks. But that’s only a problem if the person installing the skylight doesn’t ensure it’s completely watertight. 

Therefore, if you want a skylight installed in your house, you should let a professional roofing contractor handle the project. This will ensure the skylight doesn’t leak and expose your roof during installation. 

Types of Glass

Glass skylights are often manufactured from laminated or tempered glass. Since glass may shatter, ensure to pick an installation site away from tall trees. This is because the branches may fall on the skylight and damage the glass. 

Tempered glass is the best option for skylights because it is designed to shatter into tiny, smooth fragments that can be easily cleaned up on the floor when hit with an object. The film applied to the laminated glass helps keep the shards of glass together in case the glass breaks.

Slope and Flashing

Skylight flashing kits come in varying designs with different pitches. How much solar heat your residence absorbs depends on the skylight’s slope and angle. Reasonable energy costs and indoor air conditions require that the skylight’s slope be set at 10 degrees and above the geographical latitude.

Consider the Weather Forecast

Bad weather, such as rain, can derail or halt the installation project. By keeping an eye on the forecast, you may avoid installing anything or making any cuts in the roof when there’s a storm brewing. 

Weather can also affect the quality of a skylight installation, making it an important factor to consider.

Safety Considerations

Skylight installation can take a long time to complete depending on the scope of the roofing project. Having the right equipment, such as a safe ladder, sturdy footwear, and a harness, might mean the difference between life and death. 

Most professionals highly recommend roof jacks that elevate a person to a secure platform. Make sure you’re comfortable working at heights and aware of the potential dangers before attempting to install a skylight as a DIY project. Consider hiring a pro for the job for maximum safety. 

Start the Installation from Inside

You should begin installing a skylight from the inside through the attic to ensure safety and comfort. It is easier to locate the exact installation area from inside than from above. 

Drive four nails or screws into the corners of a box outline you have marked for the skylight. This will make it easier for the skylight installer to locate the opening in the roof. 

Deck-Mounted vs. Curb-Mounted Skylights

Installing a curb-mounted skylight requires the use of a box frame. Conversely, the modern deck-mounted skylight features a low profile with no bulky box underneath. These deck-mounted solutions are considered the most energy-efficient designs.

Skylight Dimensions

A skylight’s size is among the most important considerations before having one installed. It would be best to evaluate whether your home needs a tiny or large window. 

The size of the skylight also directly affects the total project cost. Most people love installing these fixtures in the living room and common spaces. However, you can install the rooflight in any room or area. 

Call Experienced Roofing Contractors in Greenville, SC

Skylights and rooftop windows offer various benefits to house owners. They can improve the comfort of a room that is too stuffy, cold, or gloomy and boost the value of your property.

A skylight can open to allow fresh air in the home and improve ventilation. Since sunlight heats up the interior and ventilation has a cooling effect, a skylight can help you save on energy costs. These roof fixtures offer stunning natural views from inside the house while creating an optical illusion that rooms are bigger and more spacious. 

Installing a skylight is often a complex process that requires professional help. Poorly installed skylights may allow moisture in the roof structure, causing severe damage. Luckily most of these problems are avoidable by choosing quality equipment and hiring the best roofing contractors for the job. 

At Greenville Roofing, our seasoned crew has the experience to get the job done. We will focus on the safety and technical aspects of the project to ensure you live in a safe environment. 

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