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Valuable Tips for Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning services in Greenville, South Carolina

Have you noticed that your roof looks uninviting? Leaves, branches, and other debris can collect on your roof and gutters, providing a breeding ground for mold, moss, and other potentially hazardous organisms. This means that it’s time for roof cleaning. Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule for your roof is essential to safeguarding its integrity and…

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Roof Replacement: All You Need to Know Before Installing

roof replacement

The roof is one of the most essential features of your home’s exterior. It’s the part of your home subjected to the harshest abuse by outdoor elements. Luckily, today’s roofing materials are tough enough to survive for decades with minimal upkeep and affordable repairs. If you plan to keep your house for a while, a…

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Skylight: Things to Know Before Installing A Skylight


Do you have spots in your home that could use some additional light? Then consider installing a skylight. Skylights or rooflights are a great way to infuse natural light into dark areas, making them a valuable addition to any home.  A skylight is a special opening created on the roof of a building and covered…

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Explaining Roofing: What Is Roof Insulation and Why Is it Important?

roof insulation

Roofs are essential parts of any building. They protect your home’s interior from damage by weather elements such as rain, sunlight, or snow and improve the building’s aesthetics. The roof comprises various components, including decking, rafters, and roof insulation. Although most building owners focus on the outer roofing material when installing new roofs, insulation is…

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Metal Roofing: Signs You Need A New One

Metal roofing

Metal roofing is famous for its strength and durability. If a metal roof is maintained properly and the environment isn’t too harsh, the material can last for quite a while. However, this doesn’t mean that a metal roof doesn’t wear or tear with time.  As a homeowner, you should know how to spot the signs…

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How to Safely Decorate Your Roof for Halloween


Are you planning to make your home the talk of the neighborhood this Halloween? Maybe you want to transform your family home into a graveyard or haunted mansion. Chances are you’ll want to include your roof in your decorating rather than just sticking to your lawn, porch, and driveway. In fact, using the roof can…

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How to Protect Your Roof From Wind Damage

wind damage

Wind damage can take its toll on your roof. It’s no secret that South Carolina is prone to tropical storms and tornadoes. These weather systems pose a significant threat to life, limb, and livelihood. If your roof is not in good shape, not only could it expose your home and its possessions to damage, but…

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Common Roofing Problems During Summer


Summer is eagerly anticipated by many people. However, it can bring some challenges for roofs in South Carolina. Knowing what to expect allows you to take the necessary steps to protect your roof. Of course, you may not be able to prevent every problem. If you can identify issues promptly, you can contact a Grenville…

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