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Why is Fall the Best Time of Year to Get Your Roof Fixed?

It’s the time of year when kids go back to school. People leave their summer homes and go back to reality. People who had the summer off go back to work. It can be the busiest time of year. So, why would anyone suggest that fall is the best time to get your roof fixed?

Roofing experts have known for years that autumn is the best time of year to repair your roof. Not only are the temperatures more comfortable for the workers, but the temperatures are also ideal for roofing materials.

The brutal heat of the summer is gone. So is the high humidity. Things start to slow down a bit when it comes to new construction and renovations. People start to get focused on preparing for the holiday months. The last thing on their mind is their roof. However, this could be a big mistake. Fall is the best time to assess your roof for damage.

Call an expert at Greenville Roofing and they can come out and do a thorough assessment of your roof. Here are just a few reasons why fall is the ideal time to get your roof fixed or replaced.

You Finally Get a Break in the Storms

Spring and summer tend to bring a lot of storms. Whether we’re dealing with hurricanes, tornados or just thunderstorms, these things can wreak havoc on your roof. For just a few short months in the fall, we get a break from these storms. This allows roofing professionals to work in ideal conditions. It also gives them a chance to do some solid work without being interrupted by the elements.

Conditions are Ideal

All roofers know that the best temperatures to work on roofs is between 45 and 50 degrees. Fall is the perfect time for these temps. Since most roofs use asphalt shingles, this means that fall may be the best time for all roofing jobs. These conditions are also very comfortable for workers. It’s not so cold that they need to wear layers of clothing. But it’s not so hot that they sweat and suffer from heat exhaustion.

The other things about this time of year is that it’s ideal temperatures for thermal sealing. It’s not so hot so you don’t have worry about any melting. And, it’s not so cold that it refuses to bind.

It’s Harder to Get Shingles to Adhere During the Winter

If you can’t get your roof shingles to adhere properly, there’s no way they’ll stay in place. You don’t have to worry about this during the autumn months. The conditions are great for getting shingles to affix to the roofing materials. Once winter strikes. The materials become brittle and stiff. This makes them very hard to work with. Roofers at companies like Greenville Roofing would prefer to start a roofing job during the fall than any other month.

Moderate Weather Makes for Proper Sealing

If you want to avoid leaks or gaps in your roofing, you want to make sure your sealant works. It’s a lot easier to get sealant to perform properly in the fall than any other time of the year. In the winter, it’s just too frigid. And, in the summer, it’s too hot and humid. And, the experts at Greenville Roofing can tell you – a proper sealant can make for much lower energy bills. They guarantee a more than adequate way to insulate your home.

Once Winter Hits, It Gets Difficult to Complete Roofing Repairs

You’ll notice, you won’t see roofers out there working on houses in December and January. It is just too cold and windy. Nobody wants to work on your roof when it’s snowing or sleeting outside. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it’s also impossible to get your materials to cooperate.

If you’re considering getting some work done on your roof, now’s the time to do it. Call and speak with an expert at Greenville Roofing. They can come out and look to see what kind of work you need done. They can also give you an idea of whether the work needs to be done now or whether you can wait until after winter passes.

The professionals at Greenville Roofing have the experience to know what’s best for their customers. If they think your repairs need to be done now, they’ll be honest with you. And, they’ll make the necessary arrangements to get your roof fixed on time. Call today and schedule your free estimate.

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